• QT32S Low Intensity Single Obstruction Light

    The easy-to-install design of our QT32S low intensity single aviation light allows for quick and hassle-free deployment on a variety of structures, including buildings, towers, and poles. Its compact size and lightweight construction make it a versatile lighting solution for both permanent and temporary installations. Whether used as a standalone lighting fixture or as part of a larger aviation lighting system, this single aviation light provides reliable visibility for pilots and air traffic controllers.

    • Photocell option for automatic activation at night

    • No regular maintenance

    • Uses 96% less power than an incandescent light

    • With surge protection up to 2KV

    • Excellent shock and vibration resistant

  • JCL640-H LED Inset Approach Centerline Light(12’6mm)

    Lansing JCL640-H halogen inset approach centreline light for airports is designed to enhance the safety and efficiency of airport runways by providing bright and visible guidance for pilots during takeoff and landing. We understand the importance of providing airports with
    high-quality lighting solutions that contribute to the overall safety of air travel. Our commitment to quality and safety is evident in every aspect of our approach centreline light, from its durable construction to its reliable performance.

    • Reinforced top cover enhances durability and longevity

    • Lightweight and robust due to its aluminium alloy construction

    • Extra-large bolt opening, lifting hole and pry slot ease maintenance and torquing

    • Low operating temperature, ensuring longer component life.

    • Integral surge protection

  • CBL05A Obstruction Light Monitoring Controller

    Lansing Aircraft Obstruction Light Monitoring Controller for High Rise Structures is an essential solution for ensuring aviation safety and compliance for tall structures. With its advanced monitoring and control capabilities, remote access, and reliability, it is the ideal choice for high rise structure owners and operators looking to enhance safety and regulatory compliance. Contact us today to learn more about how our monitoring controller can benefit your high rise structure.

    • External photocell with prewired shielded cable, easy to maintain

    • Din-rail terminal blocks save wiring time and enhance wiring safety.

    • Five dry contact relay ( NO&NC) for alarm output of lights and power.

    • Circuit breaker against overload and short-circuit

    • Surge protector(up to 20KV) against voltage fluctuation and lighting strikes.

    •“Service+Service”/”Service+Standby” adjustable when double lights used

  • CBL04A Obstruction Light Monitoring Control System

    Lansing CBL04A Obstruction Light Monitoring Control Box represents the next generation of aviation safety technology, offering unparalleled monitoring and control capabilities for aircraft warning lights. With its advanced features, user-friendly interface and durable construction, this device provides a comprehensive solution for enhancing safety and compliance in aviation operations. Whether for a single tower or a large-scale facility, our monitoring control box is the ideal choice for ensuring the reliability and effectiveness of aircraft warning light systems.

    • Control four lights flashing synchronously

    • External photocell with prewired shielded cable, easy to maintain

    • Photocell bypass switch—can switch ON/OFF the light when the photocell is not available

    • Din-rail terminal blocks save wiring time and enhance wiring safety.

    • Four dry contact relay ( NO&NC) for alarm output of lights and power.

  • ZG2KD L-864 Single Medium Intensity Obstruction Light

    ZG2KD L-864 Single Medium Intensity Obstruction Light

    LANSING ZG2KD medium intensity dual obstruction light consists of two ZG2K single

    medium obstruction lights and a junction box. It has two operation modes:“Service+

    Standby” and “Service+Service”. ZG2KD dual obstruction light is compliant to ICAO obstacle light medium intensity type B or type C.

    • Based on Led Technologies with low consumption

    • Aluminum heatsink provides excellent thermal dissipation performance

    • Protective vent for balancing pressure and reduce condensation

    • Stainless steel safety rope protects light head from fall-off during maintenance

    • Excellent shock and vibration resistant

  • HB60 LED Solar Powered Marine Light (3-5nm)

    HB60-RF has become the most classical solar-powered LED Light in the field of marine aid to navigation around the world. Because of its self-contained, reliability and durability, it has also become a perfect model for all kinds of warning applications. It installs in minutes and requires no maintenance or servicing for up to five years. It complies with IALA-AISM’s requirements.

    •  Based on LED technology, and its color complies to IALA Recommendations E-200-1.

    •  With built in Lithium battery, maintenance free and easy for replace.

    •  Extremely Reliable and cost saving.

    •  Low power consumption

  • Aging Process for L810 Low intensity Dual Obstruction Light Monitoring System

    The L-810  obstruction light can meet the demanding requirements of offshore  environmental

    conditions. The design is based on low power long life LED technology. The polycarbonate Fresnel lens concentrates and distributes LED light beams to output standard-compliant intensity and distribution. The efficient optical system and low-energy circuit design make the light only consume 5 watts. DL32S aviation light complies with ICAO regulation, low intensity Type B.

    • Super-bright OSRAM LEDs, reliable light source ensures long lifespan

    • Efficient photometric design provides excellent light distribution

    • Lens made from durable, UV-stabilized LEXAN polycarbonate

    • Aluminum base with powder painted, corrosion-resistant

    • Excellent shock and vibration resistant

  • ZG2AS Medium Intensity Obstruction Light

    L865/864 is a dual red/white LED medium intensity beacon and illuminates white light 20,000 candelas at daytime and red light 2,000 candelas at night. L865/864 model is compliant to ICAO medium intensity type A/B.

    • Built in photocell, which can switch ON/OFF the lights automatically at dawn and dusk


    • Low power consumption, which leads to huge savings on electricity bills.

    •Internal LED driver and constant current regulator make the light illuminate steadily

    •Aluminum heatsink provides excellent thermal dissipation performance

    •Protective vent for balancing pressure and reduce condensation

    •No regular maintenance

  • FB2KS Explosion proof Solar Powered Medium Intensity Obstruction Light

    Our FB2KS explosion proof solar powered medium intensity obstruction light is designed specifically for hazardous places. This innovative and reliable product is built to provide maximum visibility and safety in areas where the risk of explosion is high. Its compact and lightweight build allows for flexible mounting options, while its low-maintenance requirements make it a practical choice for busy industrial facilities.

    • Shock and vibration resistant.

    • Corrosion resistant and UV stable polycarbonate housing.

    • Ease of mount, mount accessories available.

    • No wiring job, nice & easy installation.

    • Corrosion resistant lamp& housing-suitable for off-shore use.

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