V-Rhea Indoor LED Screen Rental

Runway Lighting Series

High intensity, uni-directional,Lansing runway lighting suitable for use in all weather operation installations up to ICAO category I/II/III system. For use in 6.6A airfield lighting circuits, normally supplied from one series circuit isolating transformer.
The optical system of the light head comprises of a high purity anodized aluminium reflector, protected by an outer aluminium body casting and heat resistant spreader glass, such that no refocusing on installation, maintenance or in service is required. Separate colour filters outside the fitting are not to be used. Lamp replacement is easily effected via the rear of the fitting and will not require any tools.
All elements of the fitting are protected against corrosion with stainless steel fastenings being used throughout. A watertight compression gland shall be used for entry of the connecting plug lead.