Obstruction Lighting

Lansing have developed a wide variety of obstruction light models and product options to suit many lighting applications. Models are available in single or dual fixtures, universal AC, universal DC and solar powered units. They features Lightweight, Compact size,Low power consumption, waterproof, easy to install and maintain and durability. Meanwhile, our expertise allows us to design systems that range from simple and basic setups to more complex configurations with redundancy systems, alarming features, synchronization, and failure detection. With our high-quality obstruction lights, we provide reliable solutions for the most challenging conditions worldwide, ensuring pilots can easily identify obstacles and guaranteeing the safety of high-rise structures.
Low Intensity Series Low Intensity Series
(Type A,B,C,D & E)
Robust|high-performance|Long Life
Medium Intensity Series Medium Intensity Series
(Type A,B & C)
Robust|GPS|Five years warranty
High Intensity Series High Intensity Series
(Type A & B)
Robust|Alarm failure|Easy install
Solar Powered Series Solar Powered Series
(Low, Medium & High intensity)
Self contained|Cost Savings|Durability
Controller & Monitoring Controller & Monitoring
(From 1 Light to 16 Lights)
Synchronization|Alarm failure|Flexible design
Transmission Line Warning Transmission Line Warning
(BZ01 & BZ03)
Reliability|Light weight|UV resistance