LED Marine Lanterns

Our marine lanterns are designed to work in the harsh conditions in which they will be deployed, providing navigational signals to mariners across the globe. Using the very best electronics and LED light sources available, matched with high performing optics developed in house, our range of marine lanterns are manufactured with visual ranges from 2.5 nautical miles up to 13 nautical miles. Automatic activation and monitoring possibilities, combined with 256 kinds of flashing paterns changeable RF controller and low maintenance, make Lansing the top supplier of visual Aids to Navigation systems.
Solar Powered Marine Lanterns Solar Powered Marine Lanterns
(2.5--13 nautical miles)
Self contained|Cost Savings|Easy install
Electrical Marine Lantern Electrical Marine Lantern
Robust|high-performance|Long Life
Explosion Proof Marine Lantern Explosion Proof Marine Lantern
Self contained|Cost Savings|Easy install