JCL50 LED Portable Solar Runway and Taxiway Light

Short Description:

Product name:LED Portable Solar Runway(Taxiway) Light

Solar panel: High efficient mono-crystalline silicon 18V/4*5 Watts

Battery capacity: 12V12AH rechargeable Lithium battery

Intensity: >50cd

Autonomy: 25 days (flashing); 8 days(fixed)

Suitable areas: PSH=4

Materials:Lens-PC  Body-Aluminum

Optional LED Color

  • baise6
  • baise6
  • baise6
  • baise6
  • baise6
  • DL32D (1)
  • TY50S-LED-22
  • TY50S-LED-12







The JCL50 model has four 5 watt (20 watt total) premium-grade solar modules integrated into the solar chassis, and mounted to collect sunlight at all angles, which makes JCL50 a self-contained and care-free light unit and with MPPT (Maximized Power Point Tracking) microcontroller enables this model to maximize solar power output.

The solar array charges an internal battery during daylight hours, and at dusk the light will automatically begin operation,and also it has an external ON/OFF switch; this means, when in position, the light can be turned on with the flick of a switch.

The rugged design of this self-contained light ensures up to 5-8 years of reliable service with minimal ongoing maintenance. Specifically designed for the harshest of environments, this light features a powder-coated aluminium top, base and Internal chassis in high visibility colors for daytime recognition.The rubber, extruded corners provide additional impact resistance.

The advanced light optic uses a high power LED. The tough polycarbonate light lens is specifically designed for use with LEDs to maximize light intensity and uniformity.

The light can also be fitted with an optional external charging port for charging the battery while it is stored for extended periods.It also can be supplied in varying color outputs to suit aviation applications including permanent approach, runway edge, threshold, helipad aviation lighting.In addition to regular visible red color, JCL50 NVG compatible version with IR LEDs or Red/IR dual LEDs is a night vision solution for pilots being able to view lights using Night
Vision Goggles(optional). JCL50 is working under flashing mod or steady mode. But, anyway, JCL50 could be an alternative option for some special needs.

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  • • Ultra-bright LEDs, reliable light source ensures long lifespan.

    • Four-side solar panels and integrated MPPT maximize sunlight collection.

    • Automatic night activation.

    • Integrated SBM (Smart Battery Management) for saving energy to extend autonomy.

    • Fresnel optical lens provides excellent light distribution.

    • Lens made from durable, UV-stabilized LEXAN polycarbonate.

    • Aluminum base with powder painted, corrosion-resistant.

    • Autonomy up to 25 days once fully charged during insufficient sunlight days.

    • Automatically off after being packed for 18 hour.

    • With external charging port(optional).

    • NVG compatible with IR LEDs or Red/IR dual LEDs(optional).

    • A handle on the light shoulder makes carrying and lifting easier for deployment.

    • Protective vent for expelling battery gas and reduce condensation.

    • Bird spike against birds landing and nesting.

    • No regular maintenance.

    • Excellent shock and vibration resistant.

    • Fast & easy to deploy-no programming.

    • With external waterproof ON/OFF switch.

    • Dip switch for fixed type to flashing changeable.

    • Optional GPS synchronization function.



    ELECTRICAL CHARACYERISTIC Effective Intensity >50 Candela
    Vertical Divergence 10 Degree
    Horizontal out-put 360 Degree
    LED Color Red,White, yellow, green or blue
    LED Lifespan 100,000 Hours
    OPERATION Illumination Ultra-bright LEDs or NVG-compatibleinfrared (IR) LEDs
    Woke mode Adjustable flashing and fixed mode
    Flash Pattern(optional) Flashing: 20/30/40/60FPM; Default: 40FPM;
    Flash duration 670ms
    Photocell sensitivity 70-100 Lux
    Autonomy 25days(flashing), 8days(steady burning)
    POWER SUPPLY Solar panel Solar module, mono-crystalline silicon 18V/4*5W
    Solar Efficiency 14%
    Battery capacity High-efficiency 12V12Ah Lithium battery
    Battery replacement Replaceable
    MECHANICAL STRUCTURE Lens Polycarbonate, UV Stabilize
    Body Aviation yellow powder-coated extruding aluminum
    IP Ingress IP67
    Weight 6.4KG
    Operating Temperature  -30℃ ~ +55℃
    Storage Temperature  -40℃ ~ +55
    Suitable areas PSH≥3
    Relative humidity 0-95% RH non-condensing
    Wind speed Up to 150mph(240kph)
    Dimensions 414.5mm H, 234mm Diameter
    OTHERS Warranty 5 years for light
    2 years for battery
    10 years for Solar panel
    Optional Flashing pattern(20–60FPM)
    GPS Synchronization function
    NVG-compatible infrared (IR) LEDs