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Isolation Transformer& CCR

Lansing developed a wide range of cables, transformers and connector kits specifically for airfield lighting.
This range of accessories has been created to help make airfield lighting installation and management a simple process, you can ensure you always have the cables and connectors you need when working on your airfield lighting system.
If you have any questions about our range, our team is always here to help. View our products below to learn more about the types of cables, transformers and connector kits we have available and review their specifications.
Lansing Micro Constant Current Regulators (CCRs) is specially used to control the series circuit of navigation aid lights on airport runway. It meets the following standards: International Standards Organization (ISO) standards; International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Airport Design Manual Part 5; Annex 14 of International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO); Civil Aviation MH/T6010-2017 CCR industry standard.