About Us


Shanghai Lansing Electronics Co., Ltd is a high-tech company engaged in LED outdoor light R&D, manufacturing and marketing. Our business scope mainly covers led aviation obstruction lights, led solar marine navigation lights, led flood lights, led high bay lights and led street lights design and other fields.

Shanghai Lansing Electronics Co., Ltd has been the leader in the product quality and stability. We have a team of experts studying in LED outdoor lighting. Through the advanced technology, we have had rapid development for several years, investing huge sums of money and successfully developing and producing LED outdoor lighting. Our lighting will play an important part in the sustainable development of our company.

The strong ability of learning the new knowledge and resolving problems makes us as an energetic team; we are proud of the outstanding achievements in aviation obstruction lights, marine navigation solar lanterns, and other outdoor lighting.

Our mission is to change ourselves in thought and technology, then to light others. At first we must raise our identification ability about nature and humanity by repeating continuously this process: Learning, Practicing, Thinking, Solving; secondly, these ability can help us have a better life; finally, we can also help other people around us.

Our vision is to be the most reliable global provider of innovative solar and LED outdoor products, services and solution.

Drive quality into all we do;

Strictly abide by the principles of product design: easy operation, compact, endless reliability and durability;